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pharmaceutical training

Connect Academy provides quality training and consultancy to the pharmaceutical sector. 

As well as providing off-the-shelf courses, we specialise in providing training that is tailored specifically for particular situations. 

Delivering abilities

Through our Training Needs Analysis process, we are able to identify gaps in knowledge and skills.  We then design training to meet those exact needs.  In this way, your training spend achieves its best value and staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive increased productivity and effectiveness.


Our team has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector and, therefore, bring a very practical and result-driven edge to the training environment.
We base our training on developing practical competencies and we work hard to ensure that clear learning objectives are met.  

Finding the right training solution for your business

We offer: 

  • Competency Based Training programmes to ensure a clear understanding of exactly what training is required
  • Customised programmes with modules that are specific to the needs of your company and team 

What our clients say:

“Since our operators completed your training modules, my phone doesn't ring any more. 99% of the technical issues can now be solved by the operators themselves because they have the knowledge and skills.”

Pharmaceutical Line Manager

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Do you have a training requirement?

Let us know. We can identify knowledge and competency gaps and recommend effective training solutions, custom-made for your team.