Crest Solutions supports women re-entering the workforce through ReBoot initiative

Reboot women re-entering the workforce

Frequently in modern-day life, highly-skilled women step away from the workforce for a period of time in order to pursue other life goals.

Assisting a highly skilled workforce to rejoin the world of work.

Crest Solutions is proud to support ReBOOT, an initiative which has been launched in order to assist women who wish to rejoin the world of work following time pursuing other goals. 

"A number of Ireland's top technology firms are backing the Women ReBOOT initiative, the first time such a collaboration has occurred, in response to the gender imbalance in IT. 

While the country's digital sector is booming, employing around 120,000 people, the proportion of female employees is reported to be no more than 18pc.

ReBOOT, the brainchild of Software Skillnet, aims to serve both the industry and women finding it difficult to re-enter it by offering coaching and professional guidance to an already skilled workforce.

Over 20 leading tech players in Ireland including Accenture, Liberty IT, Google, Microsoft, SAP, MongoDB, Datalex and MasterCard have already partnered up to tap into the vast talent pool.

Carol Teskey, Senior Director of People in EMEA and APAC at MongoDB, said the software company is always looking for "new ways to find great talent, and change the ratio of women in technology". 

"We believe strongly that diversity of people and ideas is vital to our ongoing success.
ReBoot gives us access to incredibly talented new recruits who have all had rich and varied experiences. "It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also good business sense as these are the kinds of people that can help give us a competitive advantage," she told

Women who are qualified and experienced in the tech sector, who may have taken career break to raise families or for other reasons, can create a relatively untapped pool of talent for companies.

As part of ReBOOT, industry experts offer guidance in a bid to rebuild confidence in the women involved and support flexible access to work placements with partner companies."

Crest Solutions is proud to support the initiative, with our HR Manager sitting on the steering committee in order to assist with the project roll out. 

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