Antares Vision Awarded European Commission Grant


Leading development of new inspection technology

The Lyo-Check Project will see the development of a fully automated industrial machine for 100% inspection of lyophiles based on innovative vision architecture – a dedicated software and optical layout combined with ancillary technology – as well as Headspace Gas Analysis (HGSA) for testing product sterility via container integrity inspection.

Building a space that reflects and inspires our team

Company culture is central to the success of an organisation. A good culture leads to happy people and well-functioning teams. Culture cannot be manipulated or controlled, rather it is a direct result of values that teams within the company share and work by. When there is a set of core values by which everyone works - the results are revolutionary. 

At Crest Solutions, we are big on people. 

We recognise that our success as a leading partner to our customers begins with the success and happiness of our team members. 

Antares Vision: Quick Compliance Program


Time is running out

Accessibility of infrastructure and speed to deployment have become paramount as U.S. regulatory deadlines loom. The next milestone for manufacturers to comply with 2013’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act is Nov. 27, 2017, by which date pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to print a unique product identification code on all Rx units of sale and homogenous cases distributed domestically.

Falsified Medicines Directive

The Falsified Medicines Directive refers to particular safety features, how medicine authenticity should be verified, and by whom all form part of the Directive which was adopted on 2nd October 2015 and published, after scrutiny by the European Parliament and the Council, on 9th February 2016.

'Serialisation will be good for business', say US drugmakers

via Securing Industry

Commissioned by consultancy firm KPMG, the report involved a survey of leading organisations within the pharmaceutical industry – including branded pharma, generics, distributors and virtual manufacturers – looking at their degree of readiness to meet the new US anti-counterfeiting serialisation requirements introduced later this year.

Watch Print & Check for Serialisation

The Print & Check series is the complete family of serialisation modules from Antares Vision.

These modules make up a complete Track & Trace solution to facilitate compliance with current and upcoming regulations on traceability and e-pedigree, designed to assure the greatest flexibility towards different requirements from different State Authorities.

Learn more about Serialisation and Aggregation from Crest Solutions and Antares Vision here.