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Crest Solutions supports women re-entering the workforce through ReBoot initiative

Assisting a highly skilled workforce to rejoin the world of work.

Crest Solutions is proud to support ReBOOT, an initiative which has been launched in order to assist women who wish to rejoin the world of work following time pursuing other goals. 

"A number of Ireland's top technology firms are backing the Women ReBOOT initiative, the first time such a collaboration has occurred, in response to the gender imbalance in IT. 

Building a space that reflects and inspires our team

Company culture is central to the success of an organisation. A good culture leads to happy people and well-functioning teams. Culture cannot be manipulated or controlled, rather it is a direct result of values that teams within the company share and work by. When there is a set of core values by which everyone works - the results are revolutionary. 

At Crest Solutions, we are big on people. 

We recognise that our success as a leading partner to our customers begins with the success and happiness of our team members.