Machine Vision Inspection

Vision inspection systems are at the core of our expertise. Our clients use fully and semi-automated inspection systems to guarantee the quality of their products and packaging.

machine vision from crest solutions

Our team has been designing and installing compliant and automated inspection systems for clients in the pharmaceutical sector since 1998. Our solutions comprise leading, high-end hardware and software components, designed to integrate with existing line infrastructure or as an upgrade to legacy equipment. We inspect all pack components, from finished drug to complete packs and bundles and associated labelling.

  • Tablets, blister packs, vials, bottles, labels, leaflets, cartons, packages and bundles
  • Stents, canisters, pins, prosthetic implants, catheters, pacemakers
  • Leaflets, cartons, labelling and marking
  • Lot & date code, batch code, OCV and OCR codes, 1D&2D barcodes
  • Dimensions & apertures, colour, shape & orientation of devices, pack and product measurements, bag seal, product presence or absence
  • Complete pack confirmation, batch counting and verification

I'd like to acknowledge the hard work being done by the Crest team on site here in [N/A]. The Embedded Engineers have gone above and beyond to help us get Track and Trace projects over the line. I would also like to acknowledge their skills and professionalism.

Packaging Analyst, Pharma company, Ireland

I would like to congratulate [Crest Solutions Engineer] on his work. He is skilled and confident at his job. Not only was the line configured successfully, but also a few pre-existing issues were solved. He did a fantastic job and we couldn’t ask anything else from him. We look forward to seeing him again.


I would like to thank the team from Crest for their dedication and assistance.


The installation of our new vision system started this morning and we were executing OQ/PQ validation by this afternoon. Such successful execution within this aggressive time frame would not have been possible without extensive planning completed offline by Crest. This gave us confidence that we would have no issues during installation which was very much the case.


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