Machine Critical Components

Crest Solutions are an approved vendor who supply 1000's of different critical components to the life sciences industry. We are a key partner to a significant number of well-established suppliers across the globe and we have the relationships and knowledge to provide you with the critical components you need.

Trusted Supplier Partners

Cognex Corporation – Crest Solutions are a platinum level PSI for Cognex which means our customers will get extended warrantees on certain Cognex Hardware ordered through Crest Solutions.

Antares Vision and many others.

Why choose Crest Solutions as your critical component vendor?

Crest Solutions is a single source supplier, which means we have the capability to help you to effectively manage all your critical component needs.

Streamline your Time
When you choose Crest Solutions as your single source vendor, your procurement process is simplified - a single vendor saves you time sourcing from multiple suppliers.

Streamline your costs
One invoice for all your critical component orders helps to reduce related administration & shipping costs.

Streamline your supply
When you source all your critical components through Crest Solutions, by definition, you automatically create a streamline for your supply chain which in turn brings consistency to your process.

Advantages of Proper Critical Component Management

• Improves capital assets between 2% and 5%.
• Reduces inventory costs as suppliers can offer discounts on large volume orders.
• Reduces unplanned downtime as the critical parts are on-hand and can be replaced as soon as the part breaks or perhaps even before it breaks.
• Better service to customers as when unplanned downtime strikes, 46% of companies can’t deliver product to customers.
• Increased productivity and OEE which helps achieve maximum ROI on equipment as equipment is used at optimal levels.
• Increased competitiveness as it enables machines to operate at maximum capacity, meaning losses in production are minimized.

Disadvantages of Poor Spare Management

• Expert Advice: Change your organization’s thinking from “Spare Parts” when something goes awry, to “Machine-Critical Components” that must be planned for and held in stock to ensure uninterrupted productivity. To minimise downtime, it is important to get the right balance between holding too much idle inventory and not enough.
• Cost:The pharmaceutical industry is amongst the top five industries most impacted by equipment downtime in terms of revenue with loses averaging €2 million per hour
• Time-consuming: A study of pharmaceutical manufacturing by Don Fitchett stated that the primary cause of downtime for 60% of respondents was due to equipment failure and on average a pharmaceutical plant sees 225 hours of stoppage per year.
• Reputation: According to the ARC Advisory Group, on average, when a pharmaceutical batch is interrupted, resulting in the need for it to be scrapped, it costs the company an average of $500,000 per batch which affects the end customer and can ultimately damage the brand reputation.

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