Pivot barcode grading system launching at LabelExpo Europe 2017

Meet Pivot, the new, easy-to-use barcode verification system for thermal transfer labels. 

Pivot will be launched Labelexpo Europe 2017, running September 24th-28th.

Barcode grading reimagined!

Following on from our success with our renowned PrintInspector product, which achieves 100% inspection of thermal transfer printed labels, we have developed Pivot.

Pivot ensures barcodes printed on Zebra thermal transfer industrial printers pass the required grade. Launching in Brussels this month at LabelExpo Europe 2017, Pivot will be running on Stand 3B74. 

Barcode readability dictates the efficiency of our world.

The rapid pace of the global economy depends on automated identification of product in motion/transit. Whether in automated production lines, packaging operations, warehousing, shipping, retail or e-commerce, everything that moves at speed through our connected world require barcodes to be kept on tracked and traced.

When those barcodes cannot be read by scanners due to poor printing grade, the movement slows to a fraction of normal pace while being manually checked. This causes packages to be delayed or lost, resulting in €millions in lost productivity, insurance pay-outs and damaged customer relations.

About Pivot

Pivot’s quality control system ensures every barcode on every label is checked at the point-of-printing, so that defective labels can be removed at source.  And the re-imagining of how to use most up-to-date technology has resulted in innovations including:

  • Automatic barcode detection: no label set-up required;
  • Simple installation to the thermal transfer printer & network;
  • On-board controller to run pivot application, no separate PC required;
  • No software installation: cloud access to application;
  • Results viewed via web browser on PC, tablet, or smartphone;
  • Unique “Resume” button allows zero software interaction: just remove the defective label and resume printing.

To learn more about Pivot, contact us!

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